Mini Smudge Set

Mini Smudge Set


Burning aromatic herbs is a intended to be a grounding and transformative practice.

When we burn these plants we are transmuting the energy into the spirit plane. The smoke moves the energy and our consciousness to an altered space.

These herbs act as a conduit, connecting us. 


Mini Smudge:

White Sage - Grounding, uplifting, purifying and cleansing of the body, aura, energy, and space. The ultimate healer

Lavender - Calming and peaceful, heart-opening 

Rose - Courage, intimacy, comfort, and of course love

Eucalyptus- Uplifting, cleansing, balancing

Rosemary- Healing, Purification, Protection

Quartz- Six Sided Prism of Light and Energy, amplifies and clears all

Size: 4" long /  5-6" thick

sustainably and ethically harvested white sage

locally sourced herbs and flowers

color of roses are seasonal and can vary (red, yellow, orange, pink)

wrapped in organic hemp

this set also includes a large ethically sourced abalone shell with incredible color patterns (I swear this Image is unedited, taken in natural light) this shell is used as a catch for the ash


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