You are a Dream

You are a Dream


You Are a Dream is the new book for creatives asking: “How do you make your dreams come true?” In order to find a meaningful answer, You Are a Dream challenges you to go beyond your comfort zone by bringing full awareness to your creative work and your life.

Written by Guillaume Wolf (aka Prof G)


You Are a Dream is for creatives like you (artists, photographers, illustrators, architects, designers, art directors, creative entrepreneurs, performers, explorers, bloggers, makers, artisans, and freelancers). You Are a Dream is designed as a workshop—challenging you to grow and evolve through you creative journey. 



You Are a Dream is designed as a mini-workshop.

• In Part 1, The Big Picture, you will explore a new map for creative thinking that will give you complete clarity on the creative process, and how to direct it so it supports your well-being and creative success. 
• In Part 2, Obstacles, you will learn about the real meaning behind the obstacles in your creative life, and how to go beyond them. 
• In Part 3, Creative Dreaming, you will discover a tactical blueprint for your creative project, from conception, execution, to promotion. 

Each section is divided by visual breaks that include beautiful woodblock prints that are facing quotes. These made Prof. G’s previous books iconic. With You Are a Dream, you're getting the best of both worlds: a powerful, transformative workshop, and daily visual inspiration.

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