Our List of Summer Essentials

This list is intended as an arsenal to guide you to natural options for everyday/summer "go-tos" for your daily ritual. Our selection will help you tolerant the energy draining star in the sky and humid climate we endure here in Central Texas (and wherever else you are...we know it's hot!)

Consider substituting subtle scents of essential oil perfume for traditional heavy commercial perfumes; natural refreshing, energizing and healing sprays made from plant essences; coconut oil based deodorant paste; and botanically dyed multi-purpose silk scarfs.


Our Top Picks:

Rose Hydrosol Spray by Ritual Union is lovingly and skillfully crafted from pure plant essence of Rosa Centifolia and is medicinal, hydrating and moisturizing for your skin.

Deodorant Paste by Moore Soap is an activated charcoal/coconut oil based deodorant from their line of all vegan products that detoxes your armpits and prevents odor.

**Our Lavender Spray is enhanced with lavender stems and amethyst crystal and is healing and soothing for all purpose and even keeps those pesky mosquitos away. 

** Essential Oil Perfumes offerings include blends of rose and chamomile with pyrite and quartz, and clary sage with sandalwood kyanite and selenite.

**Botanically Dyed Silk Scarves are not only versatile accessories and works of art, the silk acts as a natural body temperature regulator! (Its like magic...)

**Available 30% off for our Sample Sale this Sunday on Instagram (@artandsouldesignaustin.com)

We love this selection of small batch, plant based products for so many reasons, they even come in glass packaging for reuse and or recycling. These handcrafted goods are powerful allies to beat the heat this ~everlasting~ summer season (100 degree days for months here in Texas.)