Flower Essences: An Interview with Brandi of Ritual Union

Art & Soul Design asked Brandi Jo of Ritual Union to share some insight into the world of Flower Essences with us, for beginners and practitioners alike; we hope you enjoy this short and sweet piece. Comments are encouraged and welcomed with open arms

Brandi Jo of Ritual Union.  Visit her site for more musings

Brandi Jo of Ritual Union. Visit her site for more musings

On Flower Essences:

“Flower Essences make sense to me in that way of romancing the mystery. Having spent whatever free time I had as a child, in the woods, I developed a calling with nature. I remember writing down the name of Black Eyed Susan a lot, taking photographs of this unassuming yellow petaled mane and heavy centered coneflower and then making postcards, not knowing why or questioning it. In hindsight, was a flower that was a symbol of sun, who I romanced in prayer, and trust that everything would be ok. I often times had roses in my room growing up. Every Valentine’s day I saved the roses gifted to me from my family and I hung them to dry from the ceiling in my bedroom. To sleep in a garden of roses was to remember the naked engagement I felt with them. On the walls of my room I drew the sun and there was a saying I tore out of a magazine: “Art mimics nature or nature mimics art.” I was very contemplative and enjoyed paradox. My room had a magical touch and was my temple. Infusing magic in this way has remained important to me.

Flower Essences became a more technical term when I went through the program at The Wildflower School of Botanical Medicine many years later. They became a sensual medicine, a meditation on listening, on awakening, and becoming more curious about learning from the gifts in my surroundings. There is no doubt in my mind that flower essences can contribute to our emotional & spiritual well being. As an Energetic Herbalist I look to this first. Our emotional & spiritual being directly correlates with our physical well being. There is no separation. Flower Essences are a vibrational signature, or some say an energetic imprint. We all have a unique vibrational signature as sensitive as ripples in water. We add to this ripple in many subtle ways. Flower essences bring our attention to the subtle touches of life, and to what we let in. In flower essences, the spirit of the flower is in the water. When we take a flower essence we are adding the spirit of that flower to our sensitive water body. This one drop communicates with the entirety of our body. It guides us back into our body and into our heart where we know diverse ease as naturally as water finds the path of least resistance down a mountain. We can walk ourselves away from the edge as we lean into oneness. One single drop of water embodies the ocean, as water knows no separation. The expansion in this gets really epic and beautiful. I could keep going of course into whirls of poetry at this point.” - Brandi Jo Perkins

Q: What are your favorite local (Texas) flower essences and what are they used for?

My favorite local flower essences are one’s I have had a close relationship with. I really enjoy the Green Rose, which I began to get to know over a year ago. I was introduced to green rose through Luna Fina and her flower essence Rose Chakra Kit, a rose for every energy center in the body. I have been growing Green Rose ever since and mostly working with this flower essence, to sync with one heart of our earth. It is a more grounded rose essence and yet expansive for connection, and so used for the heart. Reserved in it’s bloom, it holds very strong wisdom in being a giver, when to give and what. In Braiding Sweet Grass Robyn talks about how humans want to figure out how to reciprocate. I really appreciate her positive way of guiding. One of our essential gifts back to the earth is our gratitude. I believe the Green Rose helps us understand this importance in our core actions, in congruence. This is not necessarily a Texan flower so I will have to talk about some others.


Passion Flower is native to Texas. I love passionflower flower essence. In my experience, it is helpful in allowing us to forgive what needs to be forgiven so that we may ascend upward like the sun seeking vine towards our higher self, towards union and consciousness, unafraid of our true self. I like flower essences that bring awareness to the blocks in our unconscious so that we take responsibility for our actions and learn from them. I believe it helps us stop placing blame on others.


Yarrow is a classic flower essence widely used for protection, for boundaries, knowing what is yours and what is not yours. A lot of sensitive people and empaths do very well with this flower essence, and so it is a favorite because it benefits many people in ways they need. Holding boundaries and loving can be a challenging thing to learn. My teacher Karyn Sanders would say, if you have really good boundaries, your heart can truly open.


Q: How do you recommend taking Flower Essences?

Usually just a drop or two of flower essence is all you need. When working on changing patterns or really supporting the emotional & spiritual well being it can be taken three times a day. I suggest taking a little time to yourself and sitting quietly to tune into your body after taking the drops. Allow what is there to be there and relax into it if you can. Let it pass. Feel your body and what is happening in it. Flower essences are an profound tuning forks and messengers, helping us rebalance & reconnect to ourselves and others.

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