Nature as Medicine for Mental Health

Written by Melissa Hargus (owner of Art & Soul Design)

I have been studying myself for years, and I have come to realize how dehydrated of my true self I become when submerged in modern day living/culture, much of what stems from lack of connection to the natural world. This desire to heal myself has taken me on a journey to share with others in hopes that they will see my stories as a mirror into their own souls.

Lack of connection creates disassociation from our true nature and for many can create mental fog, fatigue, stress and other issues. I am not speaking from a place of expertise as I am not a psychologist or doctor, simply an aware human with advice to share on ways that help me daily to promote a healthy mentality. Of course speak with a professional if you feel your mental health is out of your control. Let’s take some time to understand why we are disassociated and a few ways to regain connection to the source.

Modern and Western Culture strips us of a direct connection to the natural world in many ways including:

-Lack of Patience (we seek instant gratification over natural growth)

-Disrespect (we take advantage of our land and resources)

-Drained Intuition (mindless consumption of content takes over our brains)

-Empathy/Humanity (we exploit others by turning a blind eye; i.e fast industries)

and many many more areas of our lives. But we have the power to change,

We have the power every day to make time for ourselves. Depending on your schedule and lifestyle you may need to block out time on your schedule. Even if blocking out 15 minutes in the middle of your workday to stretch and breath is what you can budget, that is a great start.

Healing Elements:

A few ways to connect with the elements to de-stress, re-center and ground your energy when you are feeling mentally fatigued.


Take a dip in your local watering hole or try a Float Tank Session (truly life changing)


Light a candle to use for a candlelit meditation. Focus on the flame until your eyes grow weary, close them and then imagine the flame in your mind. Try to remain focused for as long as possible


A few of my favorite herbs for balancing the stressors caused by Modern Living include:

Holy Basil (Tulsi), Ashwaganda, Rhodiola, Passionflower, Lemon Balm and Many Many More


Fresh Air. Positive Thoughts. Astral Travel

Natures Teachings: (just a few)

-Not all growth is linear (be kind and patient with yourself)

-Conditions are key (stay hydrated, nourished and well positioned)

-Ebb and Flow and This Too Shall Pass (can’t have a rainbow without the rain)

As always I am so thankful for those who took a moment to read my thoughts. Writing is a practice I have found to be very healing and fulfilling. Please keep the conversation open with yourself, your friends and family and others around you. Vulnerability is a powerful tool to allow others to open up about their own Mental Health.

Let’s End the Stigma Together!

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