WEST: Artist Meet and Greet

by Dalton Albus for WEST Austin Studio Tour 2017


Marc Jeannin

Marc is a virtuoso ceramicist who enjoys the interactivity of functional wares. Using protean forms and flowing glazes he aspires to capture the source of his creative stimulus- movement. Producing versatile pieces, Jeannin hopes for the viewer to create their own interpretation of his work, and put it to use however they can imagine. 

work by Marc Jeannin

work by Marc Jeannin


Rex Hamilton

With his head above the clouds and his hand holding a paintbrush,

Rex Hamilton brings to life an ethereal translation of the world we see around us. With inspiration from physical environments and the most intimate influence of the human form, Rex creates scintillating oil paintings so powerfully alive they seem to be observing us.

Divine Feminine by Rex Hamilton

Divine Feminine by Rex Hamilton


Christian Amadeus Rodriguez

Employing refined abilities across many media- from clay to digital, sculpture to aerosol- Christian Amadeus Rodriguez is consistently expanding his spectrum of artistic achievement. Whether working a major mural or painting the face of a quarter with a magnifying glass, limitations appear to grow fainter and fainter with the conclusion of each of his pieces.  



Elaine Alonzo









Best known for her inventive landscapes and fantasy inducing environments  Elaine Alonzo brings a mixed bag of ability to the table. From structured surrealism evoking futuristic topography, to more visceral works of women lost in dreamworlds, she never fails to elicit the intuition in her imagination, catalyzing a magical and scientific experience for the viewer.

Melissa Hargus