Flower Essence Workshop 2/9/19

Flower Essence Workshop 2/9/19


Flower Essence Workshop with Brandi Jo of Ritual Union

Saturday February 9th from 2-3:30pm $25/person

Each flower has its own innate wisdom to share and we have the ability to listen to it’s therapeutic reflection. You feel what you feel in the presence of a flower but do not know why. Chances are, if you are particularly attracted to a certain flower, it’s because on a deep emotional level it is providing something that you need in your life. We may also know this as vibrational medicine. We all carry energetic imprints or a spiritual signature. Compare it to being around an individual and feeling this person’s presence. Each of us have our own unique vibration and message or gift to share and so does the plant world.

Flower Essences can be supportive on a day to day basis or catalysts for making change at a deeper level. Often times they are implemented in herbal medicine practices for emotional and spiritual support.

In this class we will explore how to make our flower essences, etiquette & presence, the sun and the moon, meditations, and how to work with this from the subtle to the soul.  There will be much to inspire! We hope you will join us!

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