Seasonal Smudge Stick Workshop: 12/2/18

Seasonal Smudge Stick Workshop: 12/2/18


Sunday December 2nd from 2-3pm

Melissa of Art & Soul Design will lead this intuitive and informational workshop.

Learn about the ritual of smudging and craft intentional bundles to use moving into the new winter season.

Using locally and seasonal available herbs and flowers like conifer, rosemary, lavender, juniper, eucalyptus and roses you will craft personal bundles.

A conscious and open discussion on the history of smudging, indigenous cultures and respectful practices will follow the bundling.

You will leave with:

One custom smudge bundle

A booklet (our very own Smudge Guide) on harvesting in the wild, bundling your own herb bundles, and use.

Whatever Notes you feel inclined to take

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