Tarot 101 Workshop 1/26/19

Tarot 101 Workshop 1/26/19

from 30.00

Tarot 101: Reading for Friends:

Saturday January 26th from 1-3pm

An enchanting workshop to enhance your Tarot reading skills! 

$30 or $50 for two

with Carly Fischer of Sound Sight Tarot

Experienced readers and brand new beginners will benefit from this special workshop designed to improve your Tarot interpretation skills. Carly has crafted a class that embraces partnership as a tool for interpretation. You will learn a basic history of Tarot, Carly's best tricks for interpretations, and most importantly, how to read for friends. To encourage your practice, we hope you'll invite a friend to join you at this class. Take advantage of our double enrollment discount or sign up as an individual and meet new friends in the community of class. Space is limited. Sign up today!

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