Naturally Dyed Garment Care and Information


General Care

Wash: Gently hand wash with a few drops of PH neutral soap in cool water. It is completely normal for your fabric to slightly “bleed” during the first few washes and this shouldn’t affect the color. Wash inside out and with like colors.

Dry: Hang to air dry out of direct sunlight or lay flat to dry. Keeping your piece out of direct sunlight will prolong its color.

Ironing: A light ironing will help the silk regain it’s lustre. You may spritz with water or press while slightly damp. Use a light to medium setting to test and do not leave the iron in one place too long, keep the heat moving.


Avoid contact with acidic substances like wine, lemon juice or even baking soda as Natural Dyes are Ph Sensitive. If you come in to contact with these substances, any reaction can generally be neutralized if you immediately treat it with a pH neutral soap like Woolite and water. A diluted vinegar soak can help color change if the damage is serious.

Contact us if you have any questions/issues and we will try our best to help:

Dry Cleaning

You may dry clean your garment if you prefer to do so, we do not recommend standard dry cleaners as they use harsh chemicals that could ruin your Naturally Dyed piece. Seek out an Eco-Cleaner in your area if you wish to dry clean.

Embrace Imperfections

Natural Dyes may have slight inconsistencies due to the nature of the process, we ask that you embrace the beauty and slight differences in color in your garments. Our patterns are intentionally each one a kind and our solid colors allow for a 10-15% variation in color that shows the made-by-hand nature of this process.

Each color batch can vary slightly in shade as the plant matter comes from different regions, seasons, and other innumerable natural variables. Our team of professionals works our hardest to ensure each color comes out as close to “perfect” as possible.