Rainbow Smudge

Rainbow Smudge


Burning aromatic herbs is a deeply grounding and transformative practice.

When we burn these plants we are transmuting the energy into the spirit plane. The smoke shifts the energy and our consciousness to an altered space.

These herbs act as a conduit, connecting us to self, spirit, and our ancestors. 


White Sage - Grounding, uplifting, purifying and cleansing of the body, aura, energy, and space. The ultimate healer

Rose - Courage, intimacy, comfort, and of course love

Size: 8-9" long /  5-6" thick

sustainably and ethically harvested white sage

locally sourced roses

mixed rose petal colors include: red, orange, yellow, light purple. white, variegated. color combinations are subject to vary slightly by season

wrapped in organic hemp


Smudging is a personal ritual which belongs to you. There is no wrong way to do it. Here are just some suggestions of how to begin your journey, but listen to the plants, they will guide you...


Sit in a comfortable seated position in your sacred space, the place you feel most safe. Light a piece at the top of your bundle and sit with your eyes closed, holding the herbs near your heart center. Call in the plant spirits - introduce yourself and speak a request/intention from the heart to receive their medicine.

Space Clearing:

Waft the smoke about with the underside of a feather, to bring in the spirit of our winged ones and to strengthen the element of air.

Physical Body:

When smudging your self, waft the smoke towards you. Set intentions, speak your prayers, call onto your ancestors, create your sacred space however feels good. When you are ready, begin to move the bundle around your body starting at your crown and slowly moving all the way down to your roots and back up again. Eyes closed or open, it is up to you.


please always remember to use a catch for safety as ashes may float freely, we recommend ceramic or abalone shell . see our selection of dishes here~

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