Creative Process

We love to share our creative journey and processes with the community. Please reach out with any question via email:


Naturally Dyed Textiles/Fiber Art

Naturally hand-dyed fabrics made in house with plant/mineral extracts, flowers and herbs and even food waste. Slowly infused with love and medicinal color.

  1. Eco Printing/Bundle Dyeing (PATTERNS):

Inherently impossible to identically reproduce, this style uses mainly flowers and a steam method to create beautiful imprints and often abstract/kaleidoscopic works of art.

2. Immersion Dyeing (SOLIDS):

This method requires slow steeping of fabrics with extracts or whole plant parts. Temperature is closely regulated with consistent fabric maintenance.

We work with independent local seamstresses to sew our garments in Austin, Tx (our headquarters and hometown).

Each garment is sewn one at a time, using couture finishing techniques to ensure heirloom quality clothing.

Herb Bundles / Ritual Tools

Working as a conduit we carefully craft our harvested herbs and flowers into bundles of love for personal use. Mother Nature provides these offerings for you to use in your daily rituals, healing/spiritual practices, cleansing or any other subjective matters. We wrap, dry and triple check for a tight and consistent bundle every single time, slowly crafted with loving intention. Our White Sage is sourced from Southern California where it is Ethically Cultivated on a Family Farm, rather than taken disrespectfully from the wild. All of the other herbs and flowers used in our Smudge Sticks are locally grown and sourced from sustainable flower farms. The quartz used is sourced from a small town here in Texas.



Small Batch Apothecary

Inspired by the innate qualities of the natural world, we source only the highest quality and truly natural ingredients to craft our apothecary line with. Our biggest inspiration, viewing the process from a broader perspective is the ancient art of alchemy. All of our oils and sprays are infused with whole plant matter to enhance the medicinal properties and beauty. All recipes are tried and tested and formulated in small batch, by hand every step of the way.

-Eco Friendly Packaging

-Vegan & Cruelty Free (not tested on animals)

-Pure and Simple, No Chemicals or Toxins

-Free of Synthetic Preservatives