We carefully curate goods not only by Aesthetic, Craftsmanship, Design, and Content but also with deep consideration to the values of the brands that we partner with. We are proud to say our company and our partners all adhere to a strict list of standards. This is because we are committed to the greater good, and we know that our customers are too.


100% natural and sustainable

The line of botanical goods created by Art and Soul Design maintains a very specific and high standard of sustainability. All of our products are made with natural and organic ingredients that have been sustainably grown and processed. We consider the environment with every step from seedling to our eco-friendly packaging as we strive to protect mother earth and take care to partner only with companies that share this intention.

Socially responsible

Human Rights, Animal Rights, and the protection of our planet are all priority at Art and Soul Design. The companies we support are fueled by love and equal rights for all. Every month we donate 5% of our profits to a different charity.

ethically made

We source exclusively from small independent businesses. All of the Artists, Makers, and Designers we work with pay real people fair wages. All materials are acquired from ethical sources and with attention to environmental impact.

artisan quality craftsmanship

At Art and Soul Design we don’t believe that machines do it better. Handmade goods are not only higher quality, but also full of sentiment and soul; each with a story to tell. Our handmade goods are crafted in small batches by creative professionals with attention to detail and lots of love.